Galicyjski Związek Młynów we Lwowie jako stowarzyszenie przedsiębiorców.

Henryka Kramarz


The Galician association of Mills was set up in Lviv in 1909, in reaction to the imperial-royal decree for the enterprisers to associate in order to industrialize production. It was a national trade organization and at the same time a kind of production and trading company of the "limited partnership" type. The Association remained in close contacta with the Austrian associations of the same type. Its members were the etite of the Galician millers, a technological avant-garde. They were owners of large enterprises (ordinary members), owners of companies in constant cooperation with the mills, and co-owners, tenants, directors and managers of the mills (supporting members), as well as people of great contributions to the Association and this branch of industry in genaral (honour members). The activity of the Departm,ent of the General Assembly was supervised by the Central Association of the Galician Factory Industry. The forms of work were lectures given in meeting, discussions on the modernization of mellering, publications, devoted to technological novelties in the trade. in professional magazines and other journals, agitating actions promoting the techno-energetic modernization and industrialization of mills, organizing courses and verifying the teoretical and practical qualifications of the work applicants in highly-organized enterpries. The Association played a pionieer role in the field of industrialization of the Galician mills, especially in Lviv.

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Galicyjski Związek Młynów, Lwów, gospodarka w Galicji, młynarstwo

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