Siedemnastowieczna refleksja o rolach kobiety i mężczyzny w małżeństwie (na podstawie kazań pogrzebowych)

Małgorzata Krzysztofik


Thee article is an analysis of the concept of marriage and the traditional roles ascribed to wife and husband, presented in a set of standard funeral sermons written by Jesuit Fr. Alexander Lorencowicz. The author’s vision of man and woman relationship has been built based on a combination of the biblical sources, Christian tradition and Old-Polish culture. Fr. Lorencowicz promotes
patriarchal family model, characterized by enormous power of a father. e condition of happiness in marriage is compliance resulting from the wife’s obedience to her husband.  A man was shown in sermons as a responsible husband, father, head of the family, a knight defending the homeland and the Catholic Faith and a statesman active in the eld of political-social affairs. While a woman is shown as wife, mother, nurse, focused on home, farm and the good education of children. The characteristics desired in both woman as well as in man, are: mutual respect, patience, love, endure life adversity and providing assistance to each other.

Słowa kluczowe

kultura staropolska, kazania pogrzebowe, mentalność, piśmiennictwo, ks. Aleksander Lorencowicz

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