Grzech książki zakazanej [cenzura kościelna w świetle zbiorów Biblioteki Casanatensel.

Andrzej Dróżdż


Dramatic events during the 16th and 18th centuries were responsible for the destruction of part of the Vatican Archives including the documents on the Inąuisition and ecclesiastical censorship. Thus, it is worth drawing attention to the manuscript and uniąue print collection of Casanatense Library whose catalogue is considered a bibliographical guide, especially that  it contains almost all titles from the monographic bibliography of Inąuisition prepared by Emil van der Vekene.

The author presents the stages of compiling that manuscript and print collection and discusses its contents. In the second part of the work, he makes an attempt at explaining the reasons for putting books in Index, groups them thematically and traces various cultural effects of papai censorship and increasing criticism of that institution, which was especially strong at
the end of the 18th century.

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Biblioteka Casanatense, cenzura kościelna

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