Życie codzienne w Gimnazjum Wotyńskim w Krzemieńcu (1805-1831).

Ewa Danowska


The article presents the customs in one of the most famous Polish secondary schools at the beginning of the 19th century, namely Volyn Gymnasium in Krzemieniec, in the Russian partition of Poland. The schooTs founder was Tadeusz Czacki in cooperation with Hugo Kołłątaj . Apart from briefly presenting the Polish system of education, the article dwells on school customs connected with opening and ending of the school year, and pupil organisations. The daily Schedule is taken into account, as well as entertainment, problems and particulars constituting the essence of the school pupils’ everyday living - accommodation, food, school
eąuipment, and dress. The author also discusses teacher-pupil relations, reąuirements, discipline, punishment system and the conduct of the school authorities and pupils during Napoleonie wars. Additionally, it mentions the fact that diaries kept by the Krzemieniec school pupils reflect the aura of the school and they express sentiment towards the school held by its graduates.

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Krzemieniec, szkolnictwo w 1 poł. XIX w.

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