Początki produkcji silników lotniczych w II Rzeczypospolitej (1921-1926).

Mariusz Majewski


Using, as an example, the activities of the French-Polish Car and Aircraft Works (Frankopol), the author presented difficulties which a modem defence industry of the Second Republic of Poland had to face with. The main objective of the company created in 1921 was to start the production of aircraft engines and to constmct aircraft for the organised military aviation. In spite of very favourable fmancial terms that Frankopol received from the Ministry of Military Affairs, the company did not manage to fulfil the assignment that it was given. The reason were fmancial scandals accompanying the activities of Frankopol, as well as commercial agreements that Poland concluded with France giving it the most favoured nation clause. It was an opportunity for the foreign Capital for abuse and profrteering, which caused the W a -
ste of a considerable part of State funds.
Military authorities were not free from blame because they did not always consider technological
and fmancial possibilities of the national industry with reference to the plans of army modemisation and its tasks. The expectations connected with the newly-built aircraft industry with the participation of foreign companies serve as a good example.

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przemysł zbrojeniowy, lotnictwo wojskowe

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