Droga Jerzego Panejki do katedry prawa administracyjnego i nauki administracji na Wydziale Prawa i Nauk Społecznych Uniwersytetu Stefana Batorego w Wilnie

Przemysław Marcin Żukowski


After graduating and getting his PhD in Lwów Jerzy Panejko received tenure at the Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Science at the Jagiellonian University. Then, he became a professor at the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius. He was one of most famous and distinctive specialists of his time. His papers are still valid. Unfortunately he is quite forgotten nowadays. Tere is no doubt that the reason for it lies in his attitude to the Germans during the Second World War, as he was a collaborator. After 1945 he lived in Munich and was a partner of the Ukrainian University.

Słowa kluczowe

Jerzy Panejko, Kazimierz Władysław Kumaniecki, Władysław Leopold Jaworski, historia nauki, historia prawa, prawo administracyjne, nauka administracji, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Uniwersytet we Lwowie, Uniwersytet w Wilnie (Stefana Batorego), Wydział Prawa

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