Echa zamachu majowego 1926 roku w krakowskim garnizonie i wśród mieszkańców miasta. Próba bilansu oraz postulaty badawcze

Liliana Kaczor


This article is taking a view at the May Coup in 1926 and events that took place in Krakow and in the Krakow garrison. The aim of the article is to show the dependencies that took place in the Military Garrison no. V and in the urban community not related to the army. The article presents the positions and views of representatives of some urban community, which made it possible to look at the issue of May events from different perspectives. Based on selected examples, the attitudes towards the events of May in 1926 have been presented from the pointof view of the intelligentsia, military, legion community, the workers and the Catholic Church, as well as from the Krakow perspective. The article attempts to confront the image contained in the files of administrative offices with the view of May events in Krakow in sources produced directly by Krakow residents.

Słowa kluczowe

zamach majowy 1926 r., Kraków, życie polityczne II RP, prasa krakowska, wojsko

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