Kształtowanie się sieci parafialnej w prepozyturze kieleckiej w czasach średniowiecza


  • Marcin Grabkowski Instytut Historii Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny Kraków



Słowa kluczowe:

History of Church, The Middle Ages, The Kielce provostry, parochial organization


The article Formation of the parish network in the Kielce provostry in the Middle Ages is divided
into two parts. The first part focuses mainly on examining the development of the church
network and defining the age of the sacred institutions that functioned in the area of the
Kielce prepostry in the Middle Ages. The second part of the article attempts to recreate the
extent of the particular parish districts on the basis of selected sources. In order to do that,
tables that list villages which comprised particular pastoral centres were created. It allowed
for observing differences in the historical records about the formation of the parishes. Other
written certificates that confirm the earliest existence of a particular village were compiled in
an additional column. It allowed for verifying the diligence of the medieval authors who wrote
down the composition of the parishes as the research confirmed the existence of villages
that they did not mention. The article contains information not only about the formation of
ecclesiastical administration in the northern part of the Krakow archdiocese in the Middle
Ages; the conclusions also pertain to the progressive process of settling down that took place
in the area of Kielce prepostry.




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Grabkowski, M. (2012). Kształtowanie się sieci parafialnej w prepozyturze kieleckiej w czasach średniowiecza. Res Gestae, 12, 77–109. https://doi.org/10.24917/1127